Friday, 12 September 2014

Kiko Daring Game

Kiko always has the best limited edition collections, there is always so much choice and I always want to buy everything! This time I tamed myself and only bought 4 things, which you might think it´s still a lot but I wanted to buy a lot more.What a surprise! I really had to stop myself from buying the bronzer/highlighter duo and the blush duo, well I´m waiting until they go on sale, it was quite annoying to see the summer collection on sale, to such reduced prices, so this time I will wait, and I might buy them then. Now onto what I bought, the first thing it caught my eye, want to guess? If you have been reading this blog, you should know the answer. If you said the neutral palette, you guessed right! I know I don´t need another neutrals, browns eyeshadow palette, but as usual I couldn´t help myself! I stopped myself from buying it a few times but in the end I caved in! Shocker, I know! I choose The Queen of Hearts Eyeshadow Palette in 01 Essential Brown, the pigmentation of the eyeshadows is very good, much better then the summer collection. I already used the two bronzy, brown ones and I loved it, they have quite a warm tone, which I love. I have been enjoying using them.
Since we are on the topic of eyes I also bought the Mystery smokey eye pencil in 17 Heady Rock Brown, the colour is quite unique I don´t own anything like it, it´s a brown with a bit of black with gold shimmer, for me this is more evening appropriated, I think for during the day it might be a bit much.
Now onto lips, when I saw the Ace of Diamond lipstick in 27 Refined Burgundy in a post from one of my favourite beauty bloggers Viviannadoesmakeup and I knew I had to get it, its a beautiful berry colour, I also bought the matching lip liner ( the colour is the same).
Overall I´m very impressed with this collection, I literally wanted to buy everything! 
Kiko why do you keep doing this to me? Always bringing out gorgeous collections! Why?

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