Monday, 12 May 2014

Clarins Colours of Brazil Summer Collection

Last Summer I fell in Love with the Clarins Splendours Collection, and now I´m in Love with their new collection Colours of Brazil, a while back I saw a preview of this collection on someones blog ( sorry I can´t remember who's) I knew I had buy the Eyeshadow Palette, so when last week I went to Sephora and saw they already had the collection, I was very excited,specially because that day they had 20% off! So I thought I was just going to buy the palette, but like always I ended up buying the bronzer as well, which I didn´t need since I still have one from last Summer, I just couldn´t resist! If you have the bronzer from the Splendours collection you don´t need this one they are pretty much the same except this one is a little bit less orange, so if you are very fair and you didn´t buy it last year because you thought it was too orange, this one is for you, although I have to say I don´t think it looks orange on. 
Since I bought them I haven´t stopped using them. The Eyeshadow Palette I´m obsessed with, I haven´t stopped using the top brown shimmery shade all over the lid and the bottom dark brown shade in the outer v, this has been my eyeshadow look all week. The Bronzer is beautiful as well, just adds a subtle warmth to the face, it´s matte with just a little square of gold shimmer that you can use for highlight.

What can I say I´m in Love.

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